Precious Stones

In the Cave, you will find precious stones (like emeralds, rubies and sapphires for instance): these are simplified summaries of recent research articles. If the summary sounds like something you want to use in your work or reference in your court report, we give you the link to the actual article so that you can download, read and cite it.

We know that most of you do not have the time to read research articles or stay up to date with recent research publications, so we stay up to date with these and read them on your behalf. Once you have read the summaries, you can decide if it will be useful to you or not. The ultimate purpose of precious stones, is to help bridge the gap between real life child protection social work on ground level – and science. Knowing about recent research and being able to use it in your work, is as valuable as a precious stone!

Precious stones will align with the specific theme of the month and we will do our best to offer summaries that will be useful to you. If you, however, find the summaries to be of little use, click on the get involved button and let us know what specific research you need.

Our message to you about our Precious Stones
Ansie Fouché
Ansie Fouché

Summarised & simplified research articles: