Study summarised:

How does exposure to violence affect school delay and academic motivation for adolescents living in socioeconomically disadvantaged communities in South Africa?

This articles looked at the relationship between a child’s school or academic performance and his or her exposure to violence at home or the community.

  • This article supports the notion that adolescents in South Africa who are exposed to violence at home or school and communities do not necessarily lose their motivation to do well at school, but the exposure to violence does affect their ability to do well at school.
  • This study also suggests that poverty may lead to exposure to violence.

How can you relate this to practise?

  • Do you have a case with a child that does poorly at school but also lives in a violent home or community? Is everyone blaming the child? This article can help you explain why the child might not be doing well if he or she is exposed to violence at home or in the community.

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