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The effects of community violence on children in Cape Town, South Africa

A specific study that looks at violence in Cape Town communities and how it affects the children who live in these communities.

  • This study supports any statement that there are very high rates of violent crimes in Cape Town SA, higher than in some crime-ridden states in the USA.
  • 185 children in Cape Town townships were interviewed and found that these children experienced high levels of distress because of exposure to violence in communities, even when they just heard about violence from someone else.
  • Having a structured family life and social support can shield children against the effects of living in a community with high levels of violence.
  • When children live in violent communities, they may suffer high levels of psychological distress.

How can you relate this to practise?

  • If you want to make a statement about the high rates of violent crime specifically in Cape Town, this article can be used as a supportive reference.
  • If you want to make a recommendation in a case that would promote a structured family life to protect the children in the case against the effects of violence, you could use this article to back-up your recommendation.
  • If you have a case with a child or children living in violent communities and you want to motivate perhaps funding for a project to address this for instance, you can use this article as a supportive reference.
  • If you write a court report where a child has been exposed to violence in his or her community, and you want to recommend specific interventions to stop this exposure, you can use this article to explain why it is necessary to reduce the violence or remove a child from such violent communities by refering to the consequences stated in this article.

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