Study summarised:

Violence against Children and Human Capital in South Africa

This is a South African study that looks at the relationship between violence against children and human capital development.
This was a quantitative study with several waves/levels, involving young children from the Western Cape.

The study confirms the damaging effects of violence against children.

  • Physical violence in childhood were reported by 34% of respondents
  • Emotional violence in childhood were reported by 53% of respondents
  • Overall violence in childhood were reported by 58% of respondents
  • All forms of violence, particularly physical violence, are associated with adverse physical and mental health, poorer academic achievement, and lower education levels of the victims in both the short and long term.
  • Adolescent males who have experienced violence in childhood are more likely to report poorer educational outcomes and long-term physical health.
  • Female victims are at higher risk of mental illness.

How can you relate this to practise?

  • This is an excellent and high quality study that could be referenced in your court report to justify your interventions in cases where children are exposed to violence at home, in order to stop or reduce this exposure. By highlighting the consequences and penalty of leaving children exposed to violence, your recommendations to protect children against this will be evidenced (by referencing research like this).
  • If you did not realise how damaging exposure to violence - including emotional violence – is during childhood, you now know☺ By knowing this, you are a bit better positioned to educate your clients and communities.
  • With this information, you could motivate for the development and execution of associated prevention efforts.

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